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Transform the way you manage your office with Fujifilm multifunction devices. Get the copier you need in the best plan that suits you.

You Have to Know this!

Keeping Your Old Office Equipment to Cut Costs?

You are concerned about the cost of purchasing a newer multifunction device for your office, so you just keep using your old printer, copier and scanner. What you do not know, however, is that the electricity costs, maintenance fees, and downtime you'll have to put up with just to keep your old office devices has cost you a lot of money and will cost you even more in the future.


Hidden Cost of keeping older office devices

You think you can save more by keeping your old equipment, not knowing that it actually costs you more.

Unproductive work brought by documentation troubles

You worry that your company might be at risk of low productivity due to work jams caused by your old office device.

The cost of maintaining an old equipment

You think that maintaining an old device is a nuisance for you, especially when the warranty has expired.

Helping You Increase Your Office Productivity

When it comes to office multifunction devices, CSS Office Solutions is your reliable and trustworthy partner in Singapore. We offer a wide range of Fujifilm products and a variety of leasing options.

As an authorized Fujifilm supplier, we are proud to offer premium Fujifilm multifunction devices that help offices:

Work More Efficiently.
Achieve Better Output.
And Ultimately, Make Your Office Life Easier!

Save More and Get More Done at the Same Time!

When it comes to saving money and increasing your office productivity, we have the best solutions for you. We offer a wide selection of Fujifilm multifunction devices for any office environment, combining the best of printing, scanning, and copying in one device.

Office Solution

Save Money with Our All-around Office Solution

Upgrade your office in one go by investing in a Fujifilm multifunction device. Save time and money by getting everything you need for your office all at once.

Fujifilm MFDs

Achieve a Sustained Productivity with Fujifilm MFDs

Keep your office running smoothly with high-quality printing on the go. Get more work done faster so you can spend time on the important things in life.

Right Plan

You Choose the Right Plan For Your Business

The last thing you want to do is spend more than you need to on a new copier/printer. But whether you buy or rent, we offer affordable solutions for both and work with your budget.

3 Steps to Help You Manage Your Business Smarter

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We Meet up, understand your business and learn how we will be working together.

We customize and implement a solution that fits your unique business.

Why You Should Choose CSS Office Solutions

Provider of Proven and Top Quality MFDs For Years

Authorized reseller of Fujifilm,the trusted provider of office documentation solution since 1965.

We Keep Your Documents Protected

Our devices give you the assurance that your documents are protected from unauthorized users and hackers.

More than 30 models of Fujifilm MFDs

We cover all from office / production printers to multifunction / wide-format multifunction printers to interactive displays.

We make it easy to get you started

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