An e-commerce management system plays a crucial role in streamlining various aspects of online business operations. It goes beyond basic functionalities, offering comprehensive solutions for sales order tracking, centralizing customer data, and optimizing inventory management. With robust features and capabilities, this system ensures a more efficient and successful online operation. From managing customer interactions to tracking sales orders and enhancing inventory control, it provides a holistic approach to e-commerce business management, contributing to overall operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Key Features of E-Commerce

Sales Order

Gain B2C and B2B sales orders online, with the added convenience of manual quotation management from the backend.

Product & Category

Store, manage, and publish products with ease. Selectively feature items for enhanced visibility.


Manage warehouses, track product availability, and conduct stock take reports for accurate stock tracking.


Store and manage driver details, assign orders, and facilitate optimized route planning for deliveries.s

Loyalty Program

Grant loyalty points for customer purchases, allowing them to accumulate rewards for continued patronage.


Easily generate of sales, user search, commission, stock report just by one click.

POS Management

Manage POS across multiple branches, efficiently generating individualized sales reports for each branch.


Manage vendors, create purchase requisitions, and auto-convert to purchase orders upon approval.

Benefits of having a E-Commerce System


Improve Delivery Management


Improve Product Management


Interconnected Supply Chain and Order Management Ecosystem

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